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Barri Pepe, CEO of Myra’s Place started using substances when she was twelve years old. At the age of fifteen she was raped by three men and left on the side of the road, hurt and afraid. After this trauma her drug use spiraled out of control into full blown addiction. In an unconscious attempt to block out the painful memories Barri became more attracted to dissociative hallucinogens but continued to use a host of other drugs as well. Many other traumas followed as is common in active addiction. On September 2, 1982 one of Barri’s close friends disappeared forever. To this day her information can be found at:


On March 1st 1999 Barri Pepe began her journey of recovery from Polysubstance dependence. In the last years of active addiction she prayed that she would be able to get clean and help other women. In August of 2011, her dream of opening a recovery house for women became a reality. Myra’s Place is a 501c3 public charity that was formed in July 2009 named in honor of Myra Manley.

Myra’s Place is dedicated to empowering women who have suffered trauma and issues related to trauma.

We believe that no woman seeking recovery should become lost in the world.

No one should disappear with out a trace.




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